Trang An ecotourism complex

Trang An ecotourism complex

Located in the east of Ninh Binh, 80 km from the city of Hanoi to the south, Trang An is a complex of scenic landscape, heritages of culture and history.

Covering nearly 2000 hectares, Trang An eco-tourism complex is divded into 5 sections: a specially preserved area – Hoa Lu ancient citadel, a central area, a natural area of grottoes and caves, a tourist service area, and a holy mountain of Bai Dinh area

Trang An boasts a system of adjoining limestone mountains and valleys belonging to the ancient ocean branch of the Tethys from China into Vietnam, on an area of around 10,000 ha, including three areas: Trang An eco-tourism site, Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourism site and Hoa Lu Ancient Capital cultural and historical heritage site.

Only a few thousand years ago, there also existed an ancient bay demonstrated by the water marks on the limestone cliffs, vestiges of oysters on them, abrasion terraces, and marine sediments of the Quaternary period.

Trang An is also a tropical karst landscape with a humid monsoon climate, and witnessed a lot of sea invasions and transformations similar to Halong Bay; its karst landscape are terrestrial, concentrated on a smaller area, and regular in variety of shapes and sizes. The landscape is replete with tower shaped karst along the fringe of a block of limestone islands with flat peaks of varying styles. The karst islands are widely scattered among incoherent flat fields and, in season, neighbor to a sea of golden grain. These cone shapes of different sizes seem to be floating, scattered and unconnected on the even and flat rice fields, filed with the color of ripen rice. The karst landscape, with a pyramid shape in the middle, connects the sharp pointed peaks into a chain with vertical cliffs enclosing deep valleys in an isometric or linear form.

Discovering Trang An eco-tourism complex by boat, you may find stunning scenery, friendly people as well as a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that make your trip unforgettable.

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