Van Long Wetland – the unique peaceful waveless bay

Van Long Wetland

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve, a lagoon in Ninh Binh Province, is known for its peaceful landscape a combination of limestone mountains, white clouds and blue sky reflected on the tranquil water.

80 kilometers away from Hanoi, Van Long Wetland reserve, the biggest nature reserve in the Red River Delta, is often called the “mystery land”. Looking from the dike, the beautiful Van Long Wetland appears in front of your eyes. Far away, towering limestone mountains look like islands dotted on the landscape with tranquil water surface and flying clouds in the transparent blue sky.

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve

Van Long Wetland was formed by building dikes on the left bank of the Đáy River to prevent flooding. Since then, a vast wetland with beautiful rocks, caves, and mountains was “born” and become a must-see place for nature-lovers who want to immerse themselves in the natural landscape.

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve

Many people come to Van Long often ask why this place is called “Ha Long Bay without waves” of Ninh Binh. Just experience, you will know why. Take a boat on the lagoon and feel the tranquil water surface without any rippling. The whole Van Long lagoon looks like a giant mirror that reflects limestone mountains of numerous shapes like Meo Cao (scratching cat), Mam Xoi (tray of sticky rice), Da Ban (slate), Hom Sach (box of books), Tien (fairy) … Sitting down on the rowing boat and floating on the tranquil water, Van Long Wetland looks so transparent that we can see layers of moss at the bottom, making the natural scenery here even more impressive.

On the boat, visitors can see towering rocky mountains, the water grasses spreading across immense water.

Not only is the wet nature reserve much renowned on the tourist map of Ninh Binh, but Van Long lagoon also has many landscapes and cultural relics. The lagoon possesses two Vietnamese records, including “the place with the biggest number of Delacour’s langurs” and “The largest natural picture made by stone”.

Van Long area has more than 32 beautiful unspoiled caves such as Fish Cave, Shadow Cave, Turtle Cave, Lemon Cave, … Inside these caves are many stalactites with uncountable unique shapes, and creating looks attractive to nature lovers. Van Long Wetland is also home to nearly a hundred Delacour’s langurs, which is an endemic species listed in not only Vietnam’s Red Book but also the world that must be protected.

The sun fell on the lagoon in the late afternoon. Climbing to Ba Chon, the highest peak mountain in the Van Long area, visitors can see the panorama of the large nature reserve with row on row of limestone mountains, lush green rice fields, transparent wetlands. On the top of high mountains, you also have the opportunity to watch the clouds drift away, hear the echo in the space from the birds rustling the leaves and flock of langurs “teasing” each other. It feels like being fully immersed in nature.

Van Long Wetland nature reserve is an extremely interesting spot for a one-day trip. The best time to visit Van Long Wetland is September to April and the beautiful time of the day to go to Van Long Wetland is in the afternoon when the birds come and agitate the whole area. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the flock of Delacour’s langurs jumps down on the edge of the water to find food. By spending VNĐ60,000 (US$2.6) per person (maximum two passengers per boat), you can take an hour-long trip and guided row across this 3,500-hectare lagoon to see for yourself this wonder of nature.

Surrounding Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve are typical villages of the Northern Delta. Coming to Ninh Binh Province, you can explore these villages by car or bicycle and immerse yourself in natural Van Long Wetland. Then, enjoy the tranquility and local life of this land with top 4 things to do in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Should you need further information, please contact our travel consultants at [email protected].

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