Wat Leu Pagoda

Wat Leu Pagoda

Wat Leu Pagoda or another name is Kampong Som is one of five most beautiful Buddhist pagodas of Sihanoukville. Wat Leu Pagoda is located on the top of Sihanoukville Mountain and about 6km away from the provincial town. The pagoda is not only a religious and historic site but also a building with significant architecture.

Wat Leu is covered by a beautiful forest, so that from its location, the pagoda offers tourists an admirable view to Sihanoukville town and beaches. The pagoda is surrounded by a high wall of stone. The highlight of Wat Leu is a three – headed white elephant which was carved out of the stone wall and three statues of Buddha on each head of elephant.

Besides, in front of the staircase, there is a large Lord Buddha statue made of black stones. Although Sihanoukville is famous for beautiful beaches and islands along the coast of white sand, alurring pagodas are also one main element to attract tourists to visit Cambodia and Sihanoukville.

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