Wat Krom Temple

Wat Krom Temple in Sihanoukville

Wat Krom is a Buddhist temple located on a small hill on Santipheap Street where about 3 kilometers from the provincial town of Sihanoukville. Wat Krom temple is one of the most popular tourists attraction in Cambodia because it is not only has a unique and beautiful architecture but also has a charming view over Sihanoukville and the sea. The temple was built to dedicate to the local deity Yeah Mao and because it is a holly place, so when you entering, please remember to follow these tips:

  • Take off shoes when come into the building
  • Do not disturb prayers
  • Women are not allowed to touch the monks
  • Bow slightly in the presence of elder monks
  • Do not point to the monks or Buddha statues
  • Sit with feet tucked behind
  • Speak and walk softy
  • Contribute to donation box if you can
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