What scams in Vietnam you should avoid?

What scams in Vietnam you should avoid

Traveling to a new country for the first time with no knowledge about the language, currency, or local customs makes you become a target for bad people to take advantage. Like other Southeast Asia countries, Vietnam has some scams that can effects travelers. Here are some common scams in Vietnam that you need to avoid:

Confusing Currency in Vietnam

Although the official currency in Vietnam is VND, prices for food, hotels, and transportation are quoted in U.S dollars. If a price is quoted in dollars and you choose to pay in Vietnamese dong, always remember to double check the exchange rate between two currencies. A small calculator is useful for you, especially when the seller speaks little English.

Taxi and Cyclo Drivers in Vietnam.

Vietnam has many taxi brands. Always confirm before getting inside any taxi that the taxi use the meter or not. Before getting inside famous “Cyclo”, remember to make an agreement on a clear price. If you forget, that means you have lost all your bargaining power once the journey starts. More-dangerous scam in Hanoi consists of drivers pretending to be taxis then driving their passengers outside of the city unless they agree to fork over money and valuables. Exercise caution by only using official taxis, easily identifiable in Vietnam.

You also need to be careful with airport taxi drivers operating on the coupon system who demand more money once at your destination. The driver will hold your luggage hostage in the trunk until you pay the difference. Remember to keep your bags on the seat with you.

Hotel in Vietnam

There are few hotels in Vietnam have been known to double rates upon checkout by claiming that the price quoted was per person not per night. What you need to do is confirm what drinks are present when you check in to avoid being charged for something was enjoyed by previous guest.

When one hotel becomes popular, other hotels could open with the exact same name in objective of stealing business brand. You should confirm the address of your hotel; do not just giving the taxi driver a name of the hotel.

Ticket Booking Scams in Vietnam

You should always be aware of anyone that approaches you around the entrance of bus, train stations, destination…. Train tickets in Vietnam do not have the class printed on them. Travel agents may charge you for a soft-sleeper class berth then give you a ticket that is only good for a less-comfortable class to pocket the difference.

Pirated Goods in Vietnam

Keep in mind that many of the goods sold by street vendors in Vietnam are actually cheap. Goods such as DVDs, books, electronics, name-brand cigarettes are faked and have low quality

Illegal drugs in Vietnam

Do not even think about it: Drug possession can actually carry the death penalty in Vietnam. If you see any individuals on the street try to sell marijuana to travelers then phone police officer to come arrest them.

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