Everything about Phu Quoc’s specialities

We did have a memorable honey moon to Phu Quoc in 1 week. We were impressed by the sun, wind, sea and white sandy beaches; especially the specialties here: rambutan, fish sauce, pepper and sea food.

When we travel along the path across the island in June, we saw a rambutan garden with ripe fruit, ready to be harvested. The owners invited us to try the sweet rambutans they had just picked. We could also select the best fruit to buy and bring home. Rambutans bought directly from the farmers like this had excellent value. The garden itself also made a great opportunity to take photos.

We had chance to visit pepper gardens, situated near Ghenh Dau. The roads to the South of the island pass through pristine forests,. We were introduced that Phu Quoc pepper was plump, more fragrant and hotter than pepper grown in other regions, especially the red pepper. The local people sort it into three categories: red, white and black. And if we were lucky, we might get opportunity to see the white carpets of coffee flowers. Luckily, we did it! Although there were not many coffee plants as in the Highlands we had visited, their flowers attracted numerous bees, enhancing the picturesque beauty of Phu Quoc.

Pepper Plantation in Phu Quoc
Pepper Plantation in Phu Quoc

During our trip, we did not forget to visit the outstanding Nha Thung fish sauce factory. The fish sauce here is not only well-known in Vietnam but also all over the world. The fish sauce is contained in big wooden buckets which is made of ven ven trees.

On our last night on the island, we camped on the beach. We fried some fresh squid and sipped glasses of myrtle wine. Under the starry sky, it was so lovely to listen to the hypnotic sound of the waves and wind in the trees. Thanks to Eviva Tour Vietnam made it so special for us. With their recommendations, the useful information provided made this trip to Phu Quoc truly left its mark on us.

By Lydia Johanna Kunad

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