Yankin Hill

Yankin Hill in Mandalay

Situated in the East of Mandalay, the Yankin Hill signifies “away from danger”, and also demonstrates the harmony and tranquility of Mandalay. There are numerous engraved figures of fishes on the hill which was placed by Min Shin Saw, child of King Alaung Sithu during the Bagan Era. These figures are believed to be first put in the Royal Palace, yet as people were superstitious about them, he had to move all the figures far from the Royal Palace to the Yankin Hill in the Yadanar Bone Period. Most people consider the figures of fishes as bringing rainfall for them, so whenever there was a drought, they would take the figures around the city. The Mya Kyauk tube well is located close to the Yankin Hill and guests can likewise praise the Atula Maha Mya Kyauk Pagoda.

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