Mandalay Hill

Yankin Hill in Mandalay

Mandalay Hill is a place where you must go and visit, especially for the twilight, when it is the least hot, to go up the slope and watch the red setting sun shimmering in the mirror pieces of the glass-palace style walls and columns of the pagoda in the top. With numerous flights of stairs, the height of Mandalay Hill is 230-meter. Without reason, a well known proveb said:”If you wish to live long, take the shelter of Mandalay Hill“

It resembles a natural tower grasping breathtaking perspectives so you can enjoy the panoramic views of from the Sagaing Hill, Ayeyarwady River and Mingun in the west to the Yankin slope, Yae Ta Khun Hill in the east. When the night starts falling, the stage of Mandalay Hill’s Su Taung Pyi Pagoda is full with tourist and enthusiasts who record the magnificence of dusk.

In case that you stay at the Mandalay Hill Hotel at the foot of the slope, request a room confronting Mandalay Hill. Get up at day break to take pictures of the silhouetted pagodas and covered walkways heading to the shrines at the highest point of the hill. You would be lucky that there is early morning fog as the sight would be genuinely spectacular.

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