Thuy Bieu Ancient Village

Thuy Bieu ancient village

Discover Thuy Bieu village – an ancient village with a nostalgic beauty to find great ancient architecture work, eat great grapefruit and have many wonderful experiences.

The Vietnamese are so lucky to have preserved the cultural beauty of many great ancient sites and places. Nowadays, there is a totally new destination for visitors who is seeking for peace and explore a nostalgic beauty in the daily modern life: welcome to Thuy Bieu old village, where you can find serenity and spirit like no other places in the world.

7km in the southwest from the center of Hue city, right next to the gateway with 3 sides next to Huong river. Thuy Bieu village is like a new world hidden under the modern daily life. With that location, perhaps there is no place in this city has been fortunate to reach the Huong River from many beautiful and strange angles as in Thuy Bieu.

Thuy Bieu village is a combination of 2 old villages: Nguyen Bieu village and Luong Quan village. Nowadays, 2 villages are being preserved carefully by the government and the civilian. According to the generation history of Thuy Bieu village, Nguyen Bieu village was formed in 1559, whole Luong Quan village was formed after that, those 2 villages are needed to be preserved. The meaning of “Thuy Bieu” is a bowl of water (“Thuy” means water, “Bieu” means bowl). If you look down from a plane, you can see the charming Hương river covering Thuy Bieu like a bowl of water covering the green land.

Nowadays, Thuy Bieu village still preserves many unique ancient architectural works including the “Ho Quyen Voi Re” Arena. However, the highlight of Thuy Bieu village is the ancient “Ruong house” system with over 100 years old. This type of house has many pillars, inside there is no bulkhead with the architecture according to “丁”, “口”, “公”. Most of the houses are placed on the south, made of devout wood, forest type or jackfruit. Thuy Bieu represents the typical architecture of Hue. Thus, when you come to Thuy Bieu you will see the floating cloud, flowers or delicate valances decoration carvings on the beams and columns as well art.

Furthermore, the gardens at Thuy Bieu has almost no barrier but low trimming trees as a demarcation with other houses like a symbolic meaning. Among the fruits there, the most attractive fruit is the “Thanh Tra” tree – a specialty of Hue grapefruit. “Thanh Tra” grapefruit might not big and heavy but the murmuring shell, sweet taste with no bitter after eating. Although only harvest a season but “Thanh Tra” grapefruit brings in Thuy Bieu village different beauty year round.

Arrive in Hue, take your time to drop by Thuy Bieu to be immersed in the romantic setting with tree-lined village streets, traditional roofs, ancient “Ruong” houses, peaceful residence in a natural garden full or green fruit.

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