Chuồng Cọp “Tiger Cages”

Tiger Cages in Con Dao Island

Chuồng Cọp “Tiger Cages” with an area of 5.808m2 was built in 1940, is located between two jail rows, each row has a separate gate. So you can only see very ordinary cells from outside. Between the tiger cages and a cell is 1 small old door, always closed as no longer used, this is also the gateway into the secret prisons. Inside detained area, has 120 isolated cells, divided into two zones, each has 60 rooms and 60 rooms without roofs, also known as the “solarium room” to torture prisoners.

This is called “Tiger Cages” because the prison is built into “cage” for detention, width 1.45 m, length 2.5 m. All daily activities like eating, sleeping, going to the toilet are all in one place. Every cell has iron bars on the roof ceiling, above is the walkway for guards to control and monitor the prisoner who kenneled below. On the ceiling of each cell have bucket of water and a bucket of lime. When prisoner is thirsty, the guards pour water down and sprinkled lime down as punishments for those who have signs of protest.

Those who were brought into the Tiger Cages is near to the death by starvation, leg chained, torture, … It’s just one of those brutal torture methods that seem to only in the Middle Ages .

This prison zone was built to detain senior and danger Communist prisoner of the war. Here are cleverly disguised and just exists only when a rumor and covert operations in nearly 30 years, until a group of Americans came for investigation found out.

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