Hang Duong Cemetery

Hang Duong Cemetery

Hang Duong Cemetery is a memorial cemetery situated near the prison on Con Son Island, the largest island of the sixteen islands of the Con Dao, about 13km from the airport, about 2 km to district center and travel boat terminal.

You can visit the cemetery at any time all year around by car or motorcycles.

The cemetery is 190,000 square meters large and divided into 4 areas which is resting place of heroes in Vietnamese wars, such as Le Hong Phong, Nguyen An Ninh and Vo Thi Sau.

There were so many tourists have participated in wars which for protecting the country and also domestic, foreign tourists have come here to remember those heroes, those comrades who sacrificed for freedom of current country. For visitors of the new generation, this is the place where they can get knowledge about the history and traditions of Vietnam.

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