Independence Monument

Independence Monument phnom penh

Independence Monument is a signature Angkorian style tower located in the heart of the capital. The monument is an inimitable place in the whole city and it was built in 1958 to memorize Cambodian Independence Day when they won the French protectorate to get back their freedom on November 9th 1953.

Independence Monument was opened to public in November 9th 1962 and it was designed by a Cambodian architect named Vann Molyvann. The monument is 20m high and has a shaped of lotus which easily to be found in Angkor and Khmer historical sites.

Tourists should visit the monument at night because it is the most impressive time when the monument was lit up with red, blue and white floodlights – the Cambodia national flag colors.

Nowadays, the monument also serves as a place to memorize Cambodia’s war dead and sometimes referred as the Victory Monument. With the peculiar looking but unique style, it was distinguished from all the buildings in the city and to be one of the most attractive destinations to the foreigners.

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