Nui Mot Pagoda

Nui Mot Pagoda, Con Dao Island

Nui Mot Pagoda is located on the Temple “Mot” Mountain of Con Dao island district, built by the US government in 1964 to serve the spiritual life of the staff family who worked in the administration, officials or soldier on the island, besides the purpose of repression and torture the prisoners on the island.

Since 1960 in Con Dao prison, the enemy tried to enhance the exploitation of prisoners held as the form of “community work” on Sunday.

May 4/1965, enemy forced prisoners have life sentence penalty in Phu Hai prison to carry materials: sand, stone, cement … from the foothill to the top of mountain. When everybody returns in the afternoon, enemy did not let them to take shower, to eat as usual. After that, they picked out 63 peoples they think are key people and imprisoned them into small cell (quarry).

After 1975, the temple is a Buddhist pagoda for the people on the island, one of the most important historical spots in Con Dao Island.

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