Phu Hai Prison

Phu Hai Prison, Con Dao Island

Located near Phu Son prison, Phu Hai Prison was the main and oldest prison in the prison system in Con Dao. Phu Hai Prison has area of 12.015m2 including 10 big prison cells; 1 special prison cell; 20 small cells (quarry)

This place has detained many prisoners from the Can Vuong, Van Than anti-French movement: Ngo Duc Ke, Nguyen Dang Can, La Xuan Oai, Phan Chu Trinh, to many revolutionary soldiers in Vietnam such as Ton Duc Thang, Pham Hung, Pham Van Dong, and generations of student who went to protests to fight against the American – Thieu Government.

Phu Hai Prison currently has value as a monument of brave prisoner and the brutal torture of French. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness Vietnam prisoners who were detained over statues. Those statues will give you the feeling of disgust and shuddered at the evidence of the atrocities to Vietnamese prisoner.

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