Pepper Plantation in Phu Quoc Island

Pepper Plantation in Phu Quoc

The economic tree of Phu Quoc is pepper. It is famous because of aroma and spicy flavor, especially red pepper. Planting peppers not only is a way to ensure living of locals but also a culture that you should discover by yourself when visit this beautiful island.

This land has favorable conditions for pepper well growing (i.g: land, weather and long-standing experiences). Covering a large area, the productivity of the best quality pepper can reach over 400 tons per year. If you visit Phu Quoc in January which is the harvest time, you can feel surprised because of the red color of the ripe pepper. The pepper plantations are mostly distributed in remote, quiet and lovely places such as around the central and northern parts of the island. Do not hesitate to ask farmers to visit pepper farm, take photo or listen their explanation how the pepper is grown and how it is harvested and drying processed.

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