Pindaya and its Natural Caves

Pindaya and its Natural Caves

Pindaya and its natural caves is considered as the perfect destination which can help to inspire the love of nature. It is 1183m above the ocean level, is situated at the foot of western ridge of Shan mountains which is 45 km north of Kalaw.

The road to Pindaya is exceptionally beautiful, one of the loveliest in Shan state, passing through charming towns of Shan, Pa-O, and Danu hill tribe. One can likewise observe the local farmers working on fields of potatoes, onions, cabbages, sunflowers, paddy and jute, likely the beds on the ground, furthermore the plantation of tangerine orange groves, avocado and different vegetables and fruits grown in this prolific area.

Pindaya’s Natural Cave is another beautiful town in Shan State; celebrated for its natural lime stones believed to be more than 200 million years of age. This cave has been a place of worship and reverence with 8094 Buddha statues made using different materials like marble, teak wood, bricks, alabaster, lacquer and cement, all enshrined in the nooks and corners of the winding grotto. Researchers and scholars uncovered that the earliest statues in the cavern are dated from AD 1773. Thus, the various stalactites and stalagmites in this cavern structure fantastic shapes.

The serene lake with a boulevard of the gigantic banyan trees are also a part of the exceptional beauty of this area. Pindaya is a commendable place to discover the natural existence, lovely trees and ancient objects.

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