Taunggyi Myanmar

Taunggyi, which means a gigantic mountain, lies 1,435 meters above the ocean at the southern of the moderate climate Shan State capital. Situating on a high plateau encompassed by high mountains, Taunggyi has road full of zigzags and bends that it looks like serpentine seeing from the above. There are pines, cherry andeucalyptus trees growing everywhere throughout the town and the entire range is green and charming.

The busiest side of Taunggyi is the Myoma market, a spot where inhabitants from the environs used to gather once every five days to purchase and offer their provincial items. It now, however, turns into the day by day activity and is always crowed with people. Another fascinating spot to visit in Taunggyi is the cultural museum where cultural items, traditional dresses, musical instruments, household and farm implements, sculptures, paintings and crafts of the diverse national races dwelling in Shan State could be seen. There are likewise “Hawnans” (palatial residences) where the Shan “Sawbwas” (Shan Chieftains) used to live. The magnificence of Taunggyi and its environs could be viewd from the highest points of numerous mountains encompassing the town. The most northworthy celebration in Taunggyi happens during the third week of November when hot-air balloon competitions are held.

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