Places to find your best souvenirs in Hanoi

Ngoc Diep Souvenir

Souvenirs of a country reflect much about where they were made and how they represent its culture. Materials, workmanship, uses, images… behind the combination of these elements are long stories about history, culture, people, beliefs of the land.

In case you want to bring something so Vietnamese back to your country, let’s take a look at these recommendations for your choices. It is not hard to find one on any streets of Ha Noi, however, we show you here some renowned and special ones.

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Ngoc Diep Souvenir – A small world of Hanoi traditional handicrafts and arts

The 30-year-old shop sells typical Hanoi handicrafts with various materials from wood, silver, stone, fabric, bamboo, etc. The store space is airy, neat, and brings a bold ambience of the Old Quarter. The shop owner is Ms. Diep – she is a member of the framework of presenting traditional handicraft villages and streets of Hanoi. She used to work actively in the heritage house at 87 Ma May for 11 years to introduce and promote the culture and typical products of Hanoi’s craft streets and villages such as two types of folk paintings Dong Ho and Hang Trong, hand embroidered products, Ha Dong silk, Bat Trang pottery, Dinh Cong silver, Ngu Xa bronze. Particularly, Hang Trong folk painting art today has only one artist – Mr. Le Dinh Nghien. If you visit Ms. Diep’s shop, she can thoroughly introduce you to the traditional products and the stories in the old town with her desire to collect, honor and maintain the cultural values of the craft street. Hanoi craft village. Because right from the beginning, Hanoi Old Quarter is the place where the quintessence of trade village goods of people from all parts of Northern delta gathers. Visit No 5 To Tich for a glimpse of Hanoi craft and art inspiration as well as long ago stories.

Tan My design – 4 generations hand-embroidery shop

Tan My design

This is a 50 years old traditional hand-embroidery in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. In addition to hand embroidery and silk products, the shop also sells a variety of lacquerware, jewelry, furniture, etc.

Tan My is a famous destination for fashion products that are processed by hand. This reputation was built and preserved by four woman generations of a Hanoi family. Tan My products are created by highly skilled craftsmen to ensure the best quality for beautifully designed clothing products. The store is spacious and has a wide range of products. There is also a small coffee shop inside.

Duc Lan Handicraft – The little brass world

Duc Lan Handicraft

Also known as Tonkin Craft, this bronze shop is about 40-50 years old in Hanoi Old Quarter. “In the history of Asia, brass cutleries are used for their exquisite appearance. Gleaming brass shall shine up your home corner and health aid characteristics.” This place provides all kinds of brass objects such as home decor, kitchen & dining, jewelry… They also have brass custom made services.

Cerender Ceramics – Ceramics everywhere

Cerender Ceramics

This is a brand of handmade ceramics produced in Bat Trang craft village. Bat Trang Pottery is one of the leading famous craft village brands in Vietnam. Traditional colorful ceramic products combined with countless beautiful eye-catching motifs – definitely worth visiting.

Master Tan – Vietnam herbs

Master Tan

The shop sells authentic Vietnamese herbs, teas, infusions, oils, sweets, nuts… Vietnam is a tropical country with a climate which is perfect for agriculture with diverse spices. To bring Vietnam taste back to your home, visit Master Tan.

An Handmade – Hemp Fabric Gift Shop

An Handmade - Hemp Fabric Gift Shop

An Handmade brings the colors of Vietnam highlands to the capital of Hanoi. The organic shop provides high quality authentic hemp fabric products. All items were 100% handmade. The shop owner is nice, she is also an expert in handicraft products and she can enthusiastically consult you about the experience of cultural tourism in different regions of Vietnam.

Thu Huong Lacquer Arts

Thu Huong Lacquer Arts

“Detailed explanation for the production of lacquer arts and which is beautiful. The prizes are reasonable and worth buying on needed basis.” – Edli Leaung commented for the shop on google.

Lacquer painting uses traditional paint colors such as paints, silver, gold, mussel shells, etc. painted on a black background. In the early 1930s, the first Vietnamese painters studying at the Indochina Fine Arts School explored and discovered other colored materials such as eggshells, snail shells, bamboo splints, etc

Viettime Craft

Viettime Craft

Viettime Craft specializes in high quality handicraft products (baskets and storages, lacquerware, etc) in Vietnam. Thanks to local resources and skillful workmanship, the company products are made from natural materials such as Water hyacinth, Rattan, Bamboo, Palm leaf, Sea grass, etc that create environment-friendly “green-products”. Viettime Craft produces exporting products but also has a nice shop in Hanoi.

The Craft House – Where you can find delicate and modern Vietnam items

The Craft House

This is the home of designs and crafts in a modern, creative and unique spirit combined with pre-modern Vietnamese inspiration. Products of The Craft House include interior decorations, stationery, souvenirs, perfumes…

Each of the above locations is like a miniature world or an exhibition of Vietnamese handicrafts. We hope that our blog will help you to find out interesting products of Vietnam! If you have any interest in Vietnamese costumes, you can read the blog 5 fascinating fashion choices in Hanoi.


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