Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island is famous for three unspoiled beaches: Quan Lan, Son Hao and Minh Chau. All has white sand and are pristine compared with other beaches in the north of Vietnam. Quan Lan beach is closest to the pier and is evaluated as the most beautiful. Son Hao beach is 4km further into the island and go further by next 10km is Minh Chau beach.

Many long sandy beaches covered by pine forests are along two sides of the islands on the streets. There are many means to explore the island. Motorbike and bicycle are the most reasonable and common means that you can hire but tuk-tuk is the most interesting means for a group of visitors. You can live with local people in their houses or book hotels/resorts.

To get to Quan Lan Island, you can take boat from Cai Rong Pier or from Ha Long pier.

  • From Ha Long: the boat’s schedule is once per day at 13:00-13:30 and the return route is 06:15-06:30AM and takes around four hours.
  • From Cai Rong: There are two route, one at 06:30-07:00 AM and one at 13:30-14:00. The returning leaves at the same time from Quan Lan. The journey takes two hours. If you can afford higher budget, speed boat should be considered since it saves traveling time, just 45 minutes only.
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