Van Don Island District

Van Don Island District

Van Don Island District is situated in the northeastern of Quang Ninh province and around 50 kilometers away from Ha Long city. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries are three main economic branches of this area. During the time to come, tourism is going to be developed with favorable conditions of unspoiled natural beauty, cultural value and historical values.

Van Don is well-known with pristine beaches as Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Ngoc Vung which are the most magnificent beaches in the north of Vietnam. Cai Rong Town located in the major island of Van Don Island was one of the first prosperous trading ports of Vietnam under Ly and Tran dynasties and Vietnamese army under management of General Tran Khanh Du succeeded in fighting battles against foreign foes on Van Don sea. In the near future, these natural beaches combines with Bai Tu Long Park and Cai Rong town will form a maritime tourism complex with many recreation activities such as trekking, beach relaxing and exploring caves.

Van Don island district includes one main island (Cai Bau Island) and many offshore islands. The Cai Bau Island is linked with mainland by a series of bridges from Cua Ong town. It takes about 1 hour from Ha Long City if travelling by car and around 90 minutes if traveling by buses. Another means is high-speed hydrofoil from Ha Long within 1 hour. From Cai Rong pier in this island, you can take boat to other offshore islands. With some of islands such as Quan Lan, you can start a journey from Ha Long by boat during 4 hours.

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