Wat Sisaket Temple

Wat Sisaket Temple in Vientiane

Wat Sisaket Temple, also known as Sisaket, is considered as the oldest temple in Vientiane capital city . It was built in the opposite side of the Presidential Palace by King Chao Anuvong – the last king of Lan Xang Kingdom. Even the temple was built in 1818; it still looks newer than its appearance. Unlike the most others pagoda in Laos, Sisaket Temple has an architecture of Siamese. Its reputation for the collection of more than 2000 beautiful tiny Buddha statues mainly dated from 16th to 19th century with different sizes and materials might be a unique stress.

Besides the collection of tiny Buddha statues, you might be attracted by other interesting items such as: a lovely surrounding veranda, a drum tower, a small library building with a Burmese-style roof, an ornate five-tiered roof and the flowered ceiling of the ordination hall. If you are about to visit Wat Sisaket Temple, the best time to visit is the morning with many activities, for instance praying, offering food to the monks. It is truly an incredible experience to know more about Buddhism and Lao’s region as well.

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